Prof. Pat Utomi ( M)

Three prominent Catholic organisations namely; Catholics In Politics And Business Leaders Forum, Catholic Action Nigeria and The Catholic Laity Council of Nigeria has called on the Judiciary not to fail Nigerians and the whole world because all eyes are indeed on the Judiciary.

This was stated during a joint media briefing called on Wednesday, 16th. August, 2023 at The Catholic Secretariat Abuja.

Earlier, one of the representatives of the three organisations, Professor Pat Utomi who is also the Chairman of Catholics in Politics And Business Leaders Forum took enough time to analyse how nations fail, juxtaposing his analogy with the masses complacency and shying away from the truth vis-a-vis intensional bullying by dictators with ultimate aim to weaken the masses’s collective spirit and resolve.

He capped his analysis by referencing the famous quote by late Pastor Martin Niemoller which emboldened the Nazis to freely unleash terrors to the Jews, while the communists felt unconcerned until it got to them and subsequently straight down to the trade unionists and eventually to everyone and there was no one left to speak out!

Part of the press release aptly stated:

 “We call on all people of goodwill, no matter the faith they profess to share in this clarion call based on our shared humanity and the primacy of the dignity of the human person whether they be Moslem, Christian or Animist.

Our prayers today include a call for Impartiality, Justice, and Accountability from the Honourable Justices of the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT).

As representatives of the Catholics in politics, industrialists, and entire Laity of the Catholic Church, we are here to remind the Honourable Justices that all eyes are on the judiciary, and that the nation eagerly awaits their judgement on the presidential election petitions before them.

We implore the Honourable Justices to consider their role in safe guarding our democracy and ensure that the verdict is not tainted by any external influences or personal biases. We emphasize the need for justice to prevail without fear or favour, guided solely by the principles of fairness and the truth. We unequivocally state that Nigerians expect justice to be served in a manner that reflects the will of the people and that the Honourable Justices should acknowledge the weight of their responsibilities and understand that their decision will shape the course of our nation’s future.

We firmly believe that there won’t be anarchy , and heaven will not fall when a just and transparent judgement is served, and we strongly condemn any form of threats against the Honourable Justices in an attempt to influence the judgement, and we want to send a clear message to politicians that no amount of threats and intimidations will weaken the determination of Nigerians across ethnic and religious backgrounds who are united in their pursuit of a new Nigeria”. 

They also decried the present harsh economic reality causing excruciating pains on especially poor Nigerian masses and advised against military intervention in Niger Republic.

Sir (Hon) Henry Yunkwap, KSJI, National President of Laity Council of Nigeria, Sir Peter Ikponmwosa Agbontaen, KSJI, Founder, Catholic Action Nigeria and Prof. Pat Utomi, Chairman Catholics in Politics and Business Leaders Forum endorsed the press release on behalf of the three Organisations.

By Chukwudi Ozalla

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