Today, 27th. of May, marks another special occasion dedicated to all children. As I reflect on the multiplicity of blessings bestowed on our country, State and Senatorial District, my heart goes out to all our children. As we mark this year’s Children’s Day, I join in the euphoric occasion to celebrate my children, our children, our future, and unique gifts from God.Since children are the bedrock of our future, it is our duty to ensure they receive the best care, education, and opportunities to reach their full potential.As your Senator, I will continue to ensure that government continues to put in place the right policies and programmes to guarantee your rights and protection while promoting your wellbeing and integral development, as well as fast tracking collaborative efforts between government, non-governmental organizations to create a conducive environment for your growth and development, for such is for every child and for their right.I will ceaselessly pursue causes which will not only prove that children should be cherished, but that they will be at the center of every decision that we make on their behalf because they truly deserve the best that we can give them. To all parents, caregivers, educators, guardians, and other key stakeholders playing a leading role to safeguard and protect our children, while I commend your contributions so far, I call on each of us to step up efforts to deliver at the highest level and not to allow anything to chance. Neglect and abuse of our children are still concerns and need to be curbed as the pain caused to children at a very young age can be very damaging in adult life.May God bless you all and keep you under his protection wherever you may be as you are all precious in his eyes. Enjoy your special day, and Happy Children’s Day.©Senator Dr. Tony Nwoye.

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