By Emeka Ugwuonye Esq

Afiba is a citizen of a wealthy country (maybe US and Britain in addition to being a Ghanaian). She is not poor. Even the Ghanaian Cedi is worth more than Naira. One Million Naira is only 750 USD and 600 British Pounds. And there are two women who were supposed to share the One Million Naira. Based on the story you have been told, therefore, Afida’s share would have been just about 375 USD. This amount is about what Afiba would need for one weekend with her family. Do you think that such amount would be sufficient justification for Afiba to travel to Abia State for sex with a stranger? If you believe so, then you are a fool.

Well, before you answer the question, I want you to consider this possibility. Afiba is a businesswoman. Celine is probably also trying to get into a business through her friend, Afiba, or may just be helping her friend in her business. Also consider the fact that Andrew Ochenkwo presented himself as a businessman, the owner of the Blacksheep Group. He packaged himself as solid business executive.

It is actually possible that Andrew lured these women with an offer of a business opportunity. He could have claimed to supply textile or Aba-made shoes and bags to these women for their shops. Do you know how many woman from various countries in Africa travel to Aba and Onitsha to buy shoes and bags and textiles as goods to be sold in their shops in their countries? Ask any hotel-owner in Aba or Onitsha and they will tell you that business people (men and women) from all over West Africa and Cameroon lodge in their hotels when they come to buy goods or to negotiate for supply of goods in Aba or Onitsha.

But being a woman in Nigeria is such a terrible thing. The Nigeria society has been shaped to hate women and to look down on them. It is so bad that even women have joined in hating themselves. That is why when Celine and Afiba disappeared, your mind so easily accepted the narrative that they went to do hook-up. How come your mind believed that the only thing women do is hook-up? We see this hatred of women everywhere. That is why you want to marry them in bunches – two or three wives = to one husband. (We understand how your minds work). Some of the worst of the bigots among you are asking: “If not for hook-up why would the women go to Aba to meet Andrew”. But can you see how sick you sound with such question?

A man posed as a businessman. He invited women to meet him, using his business as a front. The women came to meet him. He killed them and set up a chain of text messages as an alibi, suggesting that the women are hook-up girls. And you believed it. The only reason the hook-up story was used was because you all wish prostitutes dead and you see every woman as a prostitute. You forgot that it takes a woman and a man for prostitution to occur, even if it were true. Even if the women were hook-up women, then Andrew would have been a hook-up man. But even as Andrew turned out to be a murderer, you still sympathized with a murderer while hating a hook-up. (Doesn’t that make you sick?).

The story of Celine and Afiba has many questions, but your corrupted and prejudiced mind will not let you ask these questions. Your hatred for women, especially if you manage to brand them prostitutes, is so profound that the truth cannot be allowed to come in. But if you are intelligent, you should ask the following 12 questions:

(1) Would Afiba, a married woman, travel to Aba to sleep with a stranger in a threesome for just $375, and she was constantly in touch with her husband as she traveled?
(2) Afiba is a businesswoman: what business does she do? And Could Andrew have offered a business opportunity either as a supplier or purchaser from her business?
(3) What business does Andrew really do such that he had bulletproof protection in his compound? Who was he afraid of?
(4) When the police came to arrest Andrew, it was said that he holed himself up in the house and threatened to shoot himself if the police broke in: Why would he do that? What was in that house that he did not want the police to see? And why did the police have a standoff with him for 24 hours before entering to arrest him?
(5) Was Andrew really going to give those women One Million for a weekend with him: And if not, if he was lying or falsely promising to give them one million, what then was his real motive for inviting them? And if his real motive was to kill them, he could have told other lies in order to get them. That is: he could have offered to supply 50 million worth of shoes to Afiba’s shops, assuming her business was selling of shoes. Offering them a business opportunity would have been more effective in bringing them to Aba than offering them One Million Naira for sex.
(6) After Andrew was arrested, he was allowed to live such a comfortable life at the police station: He had his phones and he was in touch with his contacts including people he might have been working with. Why? It was actually when the family members of the victims complained that Andrew was being pampered by the police in Aba that effort was made to take the matter to Abuja. Did you know that?
(7) It was after Abuja sent police to go to Aba to bring Andrew in what was to be a transfer of a suspect that Andrew died, allegedly killed by some vigilante. Which vigilante? How did the vigilante get into the police station to kill Andrew or did the police release Andrew after they already knew that Abuja police were coming to take him? If he was released, then it means that the police in Aba did not want him to be taken by the police from Abuja. In any event, the vigilante that killed him also did not want him to be taken to Abuja. It means that the police in Aba and the vigilante are working together for the purpose of covering up the truth on this case.
(8) Why are they afraid of what Andrew would reveal if interrogated in Abuja? Does that not mean that the police in Aba had information they did not want their bosses in Abuja to know?
(9) Whatever Andrew intended to do with these women, apart from sex, will be of no benefit to him unless they were killed. And why would they be killed if not for the use of their body parts for some purpose? Who would be using such human body part? It is likely not Andrew. He will have to sell them to someone. So, if Andrew is supplying human body parts to someone or some people, who are those people? That must be the information they did not want him to reveal in Abuja? So, those who killed Andrew are protecting the people that Andrew worked for. Who are they?
(10) Why did it take so long before the police in Aba responded and why did it take so long before the police in Abuja responded after learning that the police in Aba were protecting Andrew? For the police in Aba, was their slow response because they were under the influence of powerful people that worked with Andrew? And for the police in Abuja was their slow response as a result of incompetence and corruption – they were asking for money to be mobilized to go and arrest a suspect or to bring a suspect for questioning?
(11) What were the dates on the chats that supposedly occurred between Andrew and Celine where they were negotiating money for hook-up? Did those chats occur before or after the women went missing?
(12) Since you seem to have agreed that Andrew was a killer, that he was free with his phone even while in police custody, could you now see that once he had his phone, he would be creating all kinds of scenarios via chats to pretend that he and the women negotiated money for hook-up?

Indeed, being a woman in Nigeria is a terrible experience. The police see every woman, especially unmarried women as prostitutes. And they discourage married women from befriending unmarried women. In the case of Charity Aiyedegbon, the police were obsessed with the fact that she had boyfriends while married, even though the woman had been separated for two years and was already in a divorce court. The police focused exclusively on her friends. She was portrayed as a loose woman without virtue. Therefore, they did not take her case seriously. They dismissed her case and wanted to forget it. It was DPA that pushed for the case to be investigated and DPA kicked against what was clearly a police cover-up. To punish DPA in the most dramatic manner possible, they accused DPA Founder of being the killer. (It is like accusing Harrison of being the killer of Celine and Afiba). In their minds, they just said: “If Emeka Ugwuonye insists that Charity Aiyedegbon was killed, then he must have killed her”. This was a theory so absurd and meaningless. But Nigerians can take anything. They can believe even the most bizarre of things.

Clearly, the problem is first the police. Then the problem is you because you are ready to believe anything, especially the ridiculous things. The facts of what happened to Afiba and Celine are not difficult to ascertain. The only thing we suggest is that since Afiba was not a Nigerian, let the government of her country demand that Nigerian Government account for what happened. If she is a US citizen, you need to get the FBI involved immediately. Once the FBI comes in, the Nigerian police will sit up and the truth will come out. Nigerian government officials, with so many skeletons in their cupboards, would not want the FBI looking in their direction and they will rush and bring out the truth of what happened. (Remember Abba Kyari and Hoshpoppi). But before that could happen, you need to go and stand in front of a mirror now and ask the person you will see in the mirror: “Are you not a fool for believing everything you hear, especially when it is against women?”

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