After Years of Abandonment,Work Begins on Otuocha-Ibaji-Kogi Road as Sen Dr Tony Nwoye Welcomes NigerCat

Otuocha—WORK has resumed on the Otuocha-Anam-Nzam-Ibaji federal road linking Anambra with Kogi State after it was abandoned for many years.

Tears of Joy And Jubilation rent the air as NigerCat begins work on the 30 kilometres abandoned and forgotten Otuocha-Nzam-Innoma-Iheaka-Abaji Road linking many rural Communities in Anambra North with Abaji in Kogi State.

This is coming after years of abandonment, which has virtually cut off many communities in Anambra East and West from interacting with their fellow Anambraians over the years. Some of the communities have to go through Illah in Delta State in order to have access to their homes and farmlands.

The good people of the area and some of their stakeholders trooped out in their numbers to Welcome The Senator Representing Anambra North Senatorial District, Senator Dr Tony Nwoye and House of Representative member, Representing Anambra East and West Federal Constituency, Hon Peter Anaekwe (Macpee) who were at Newly set up NigerCat Construction Yard Site at Umueri to see things for themselves and to know how far and how ready is NigerCat to deliver the project and in record time. Many of the residents said they have been abandoned and forgotten for years because of the deplorable state of the Otuocha-Nzam-Innoma-Iheaka-Abaji federal road.

Senator Dr Tony Nwoye said that through his efforts over the years even when he was in the 8th House of Representatives, He had pursued vigorously for the Construction of the road. And now he is in the 10th Senate, He had continued with that zeal to make sure the Road gets adequate attention and funding from the Federal Government.

“Today, the efforts have paid off as President Bola Tinubu and Minister of Works, Senator Dave Umahi, have come to the rescue of the people of Anambra North by re-awarding the road for the sum of over N34 billion naira.”

Dr Tony Nwoye who was at the Construction Yard and Site was highly elated on the award. He thanked Engr Dave Umahi, President Tinubu and also Senator Akpabio-led 10th Senate for making the road a priority.

Senator Nwoye said the contractor is now on site. They have shown readiness to embark in the Work as we can see from the activities going on here. He promised to help the Contractor to get the New design of the road ready so that it will not delay them. He said upon completion of the road, journey from Anambra to kogi and Abuja would be reduced by at least two to three hours, just as many communities along the road would be opened up. The reconstruction, he said, this time will not be like the last one.

Senator Tony Nwoye said the Road is being financed through Road Tax Credit facility from NNPC. NNPC is providing a major part of the funding.

Senator Nwoye assured that proper evaluation, monitoring and oversight will be carried out as the work goes on, in order to ensure that quality work is done and also to ensure that there is value for money for the people of Anambra North. He said once the new design for the road is signed and handed over to NigerCat, he believed they will do a good job.

Hon Peter Anaekwe (Macpee) opined that this road is very very key to the good people of Anambra East and West, Ndi Anambra and Nigerians. He thanked Senator Dr Ton

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