Tinubu’s Multiple Concurrent Budgets Path To Chaos, Says Peter Obi

By Mathew Ojo

Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate from last year’s elections, criticized President Bola Tinubu’s administration for managing four different national budgets simultaneously.

According to Obi, this approach will lead to frivolity, chaos, confusion, and catastrophe.

In a series of posts on his X handle on Saturday, Obi condemned the situation as a blatant disregard for fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability.

Recently, both chambers of the National Assembly held emergency plenary sessions to consider President Tinubu’s request.

They decided to extend the capital section of the 2023 main and supplementary budgets, allowing these budgets to run concurrently with the 2024 national budget, while awaiting the 2024 supplementary budget from the presidency.

Obi argued that this development shows Nigerian leaders are disconnected from reality and lack the competence to manage the nation’s finances effectively.

“Evidence shows the Nigerian government is implementing four national budgets concurrently, blatantly disregarding fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability,” Obi stated. “This intentional action will cause frivolous items in the approved budgets to compete with essential projects for limited resources, further worsening the suffering of the Nigerian people.”

Obi added that this fiscal recklessness is being carried out by elected representatives, betraying a fundamental pillar of democracy.

“Leaders are elected to responsibly manage public resources in an organized manner,” he said.

Obi called for an immediate reversal of this situation in favor of a more responsible and transparent budgeting approach. “We must prioritize the needs of the Nigerian people over the selfish interests of a few. This is a call to action for all leaders to avoid actions that will drive the country into economic chaos. Neither the National Assembly nor the executive has any excuse to support or condone such behavior.”

He emphasized the need for leaders who are frugal and responsible in handling public resources as the only way to build a great nation.


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