Solo Art Exhibition: ‘Women in Bloom’ Initiated by Popular Artist, Tiffany-Annabelle Held in Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja FCT.

By George Ozalla

Art is life, priceless, and full of deeper meanings and dimensions.

A popular talented Nigerian-British born creative artist Tiffany-Annabelle Davies has successfully hosted a solo art exhibition at the prestigious Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja on Wednesday, 15th. May, 2024.

Tiffany-Annabelle who sat gracefully at a far end corner of her art exhibition stand to receive and show art enthusiasts round, exudes peace, love, quietude, confidence, radiant beauty and calm smiles connecting them all into classic nature, which reflects perfectly what she does based on inspiration, showcasing different types of African and Nigerian flowers that were creatively crafted to become compelling attraction and cynosure of all eyes at the exhibition!

Earlier in her remark, Tiffany-Annabelle stated that her specific inspiration for this series was to appreciate women in a state of joy and state of pleasure using flowers as a metaphor for that devotion.

Conspicuously displayed Artist’s Statement aptly captured her mind which reads.

Women In Bloom
My journey as a woman deeply informs my art ‘Women in Bloom’ builds upon the themes of my first exhibition Miss Aligned; showcasing how my female subjects have flourished by forging their own paths. It’s important for me to celebrate their joy and power.
I love flowers, and Africa is filled with so many beautiful plants I wanted to build on this in my art. The vibrant indigenous flowers surrounding the women root them in their identity.
My use of brown postal paper and the symbol of triangles are ever-present in my pieces, I have enjoyed integrating them in new ways. However, for the first time, I’ve introduced a male interaction, melting into the female, to highlight the profound influence of women. The past six months have been dedicated to experiments with materials, resulting in the captivating style you see in ‘ Women in Bloom’.

Tiffany Annabelle is a creative multi-talented Lagos based artist who studied law at the University of Surrey, she started drawing at the age of six, despite the fact that she was born in the United Kingdom, Tiffany-Annabelle maintains strong connection with her African root, nay Nigeria!

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