The impact of Climate Change and it’s diverse attendant actions cannot be overemphasized.

For this reason, key actors, members of the fourth estate of the realm, NGOs and various other stakeholders were invited to a Press Conference in Abuja on Thursday, 20th.July, 2023 to highlight the reality of climate change in preparation to Climate Emergency Day 2023 commemoration coming up on Saturday 22nd.July 2023.

Speaking at the well attended Press Conference, Mr Joseph Ibrahim; West African Co-ordinator, Climate Clock highlighted that it was only a healthy environment that could herald a prosperous nation and therefore, called on all and sundry to identify with the fact that climate clock was ticking fast and that we; humans have less than 6 years to keep the global temperature below 1.5°C pre-industrial levels.
Mr Ibrahim also stated that come Saturday, 22nd.July, 2023, the climate clock will flip from 6years 0 days 00:00 to 5years 364 days 23:59:59 for the first time in history at 5pm Nigerian time.

The Climate Clock is a global symbol of urgency, melding art, science, tech, and grassroots mobilization to alert people to the climate emergency and help enact hopeful, doable solutions in line with global commitments to the Paris Agreement that aims to keep global warming below 1.5°C to preserve a livable world for all.

Mr David Mike one of the key Climate Change advocates from the Global Initiative For Food Security And Ecosystem Preservation (GIFSEP) also used the medium to respond to questions and subsequently called on various critical stakeholders, especially those in government to adhere strictly to basic tenets of addressing climate change challenges and endeavour to implement climate change programs, initiatives and policies with readily accessible pool of funds mapped out globally to tackle the impact of climate change. He strongly advocated for women inclusivity in the climate change programs and actions as well as appointment of knowledgeable persons to tackle environmental issues.

Saturday, 22nd. July 2023 witnessed an awareness march commemoration and Climate Change Emergency Day call for action with the theme: ActInTime.

As scheduled, Climate Clock and other NGOs, participants and gentlemen of the press came out in their numbers to mark the Climate Change Emergency Day 2023!

The organizers were able to mobilize at the Millennium Park Abuja, where a march commenced to drive home the message that the climate clock was ticking fast and continuously, urging everyone to embrace the reality of the need to address climate change challenges.

Virtually all the various Speakers amongst whom were Mike David, Ibrahim Joseph, Dr Aliyu Yauri, Augustina Clement, Chuks Anyaduba, Ewelike Tochi and Ashidi Oluwatosin at the colorful event spoke with one voice calling for sustainable integrated policy actions to mitigate the impact of climate change- end to fossil fuel, global warming, gas flaring, deforestation amongst other negative actions by humans that threatens our environment.

Major highlights were the waiting, observing and final countdown to 5 years left for serious actions, the exact time was welcomed with thunderous shouts for humans to ActInTime to avert the irreversible danger that lies ahead and finally the handover of the Climate Digital Clock to the Federal Ministry of Environment represented by Dr Aliyu Yauri a Director in the Ministry.

By Chukwudi Ozalla

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